Getting Started with iPEVO Visualizer, IPEVO Document Camera, and Zoom

Background: Set up screen sharing with IPEVO document cameras in Zoom. IPEVO Visualizer allows you to use your document camera, record it, modify it, and more. That means you can use it to show what your camera sees on the projection and share it via Zoom. With Visualizer you can adjust the displayed image in various ways. You can Zoom in, Rotate, Mirror, Change the resolution, adjust Exposure, Apply a Video Filter, take a Snapshot, and more.

List of materials needed:

  • IPEVO Visualizer software, which you can download from Self Service.
  • An IPEVO document camera
  • Mac Laptop
  • and Zoom


I. Step by Step Directions

1) Plug in an IPEVO document camera to your computer via the USB port.


2) Open IPEVO Visualizer software on your computer, and ensure the document camera is selected as the source

3) Place your material under the document camera and check its live image in Visualizer. Adjust the multi-jointed stand and camera head of the document camera to get a view that best suits your needs.

4) Start your Zoom meeting, Select Share Screen located at the bottom of your meeting window. You’ll be given various options for sharing in the pop-up window that appears. Select Visualizer (or Desktop) and click the blue Share icon located at the bottom right.


II. Watch and Learn

Reference: Visualizer "Quick" Guide


III. Additional Watch and Learn Tutorials

Visit IPEVO Visualizer Watch and Learn Tutorials including some highlights:


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