Place a Hold for Pick Up in Destiny during RTLP (Students and Families)


To Place a Hold on Library Materials during RTLP:

1. Visit the Library Media Home Page to Access the divisional library catalogs.  Visit:

2. Select the Log In button on the upper right of the screen.


3. Select the Log in using your account with "Sign in with Google" option.

4. Choose (or enter) the student's Blake email account to continue to

5. Enter the student's Blake email address (e.g.,

6. Enter the student's Blake Google password


7. Select a title, and select the Hold button.  You will be contacted by a Teacher-Librarian when the materials are available. 




Watch How to Place a Hold On Library Materials:



Divisional libraries are offering curbside pickup of materials. See divisional BE entries in this newsletter for more information and watch student class conferences for emails. Access the RTLP library website here.

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