Request permission to unmute all participants in Zoom

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Enabling Request permission to unmute participants gives teachers the ability to mute and unmute students as a class without having to prompt students to do it themselves. Once a student selects Allow at the start of the first meeting in your Virtual Classroom after this feature has been enabled, you will be granted permission to unmute in future Zoom meetings without any prompts.

I. Teachers and Students: Upgrade to the latest version of Zoom on all devices

  • Open the Self Service app on your device.
  • Search for the Zoom app.
  • Select Reinstall for ZOOM Cloud Meetings if you are not running the most recent version.

For more information:

II. Teachers: Customizing your virtual classroom (one-time setup)

  • Choose the “Sign in” button.
  • If you have not signed in to your Blake Gmail account, then select use Google single sign-on with your Blake email address. (Step-by-Step instructions with screenshots are available here.)
  • From the Settings tab, toggle on the Request permission to unmute in Meeting (Advanced) menu.

  • From the Meetings tab, edit your Recurring Virtual Classroom.
  • Under Meeting Options, select Request permission to unmute participants then Save.

III. Students: Allow permission to unmute (one-time setup)

  • When joining a teacher’s virtual classroom after this feature has been enabled, select Allow the host to unmute from the pop-up window. This one-time prompt will enable the teacher to unmute all students for this as well as future meetings for the virtual classroom.

    Note to Teachers: If a student selects Don’t Allow, the prompt will reappear at the start of each meeting for the student. If you see Ask to unmute next to a student’s name in the Participants menu, then you will know that they either haven’t upgraded their Zoom or that they did not select Allow at the start of the meeting.

IV. Teachers: Muting and unmuting in your virtual classroom

Mute all participants:

  • Select Mute All from the Participants window.
  • In the pop-up window, deselect Allow participants to unmute themselves, then select Mute All.

Unmute all participants:

  • Select the More drop-down menu from the Participants window, then Ask all to Unmute.

    Note: Students that selected Allow permission to unmute will no longer have a prompt to unmute.


Should you have any issues, please check that your account is licensed by selecting your Profile icon and scroll down to User Type, it should say “Licensed.” Licenses are provided for teachers. Staff is provided a “Basic” account.  If you are a teacher, and it is not licensed, or you have other issues, please contact us:

  • Submit a web support ticket ( - Select “Zoom” as the problem type,
  • Email Support (, or
  • Call 952-988-3416


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