Frequently Asked Questions about Magnus Health at Blake

Is the Magnus Health system secure? 

Maintaining the security and privacy of our student records, including health records, is of the utmost importance to Blake. Upon considering the move to online health record-keeping, Blake thoroughly investigated system privacy standards and has been satisfied by the scope and depth of Magnus Health’s policies and procedures. Below, please find a statement that summarizes the Magnus approach. We believe that the physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that the company has outlined for us meet our own commitment to keeping our students’ records secure. 

CLICK HERE to review a Privacy and Security Fact Sheet provided by Magnus Health. 


Who at Blake has access to the information that is stored in the system? 

The security of your child’s personal information is important to us. We limit access to personal information about your child to Blake personnel who reasonably need to access that information to support your child. For example, our Athletic Trainer, School Nurses, and Divisional Office Managers have access to the medical information of students in their departments or divisions. The Director of Information Management and Database Administrator support the system. 


What information do you share with my child’s teachers?

When there is health information that a teacher needs to know, such as a life-threatening allergy, this information will be shared with the teacher. However, teachers do not have access to Magnus and will only be given information about a student's emergency action plan, emergency contacts, and specific care needs, such as dietary allergies, when it is necessary for a student's safety while in the teacher's care.


There are so many questions. Do I need to answer all of them?

Not all questions in the Vital Health Record are required. Required questions are indicated by a red asterisk. * Please take time to carefully answer the required questions.


What do I do with forms once they are signed by my child’s physician? 

All forms are sent to Magnus Health by scanning and uploading the forms to Magnus Health. If you do not have a scanner, all forms can be sent to Magnus Health by fax. You must include a cover sheet from Magnus Health if you are mailing or faxing the form. CLICK HERE for instructions for obtaining a cover sheet can be found on the Magnus Health website. Please do not send health forms via email to the School.  


I have submitted all of my forms, but some of them are pending approval. Why?

Many forms are individually reviewed by health or athletics staff. Please allow time for them to review all forms, noting that forms may be more infrequently reviewed during the school year. 


Do I need to enter information in both Veracross and Magnus Health?

Parent/guardian demographic information including name, phone numbers, address, and email address are entered within Veracross and this information will sync to Magnus Health. Additional emergency contacts entered in Veracross do not sync to Magnus at this time.


I can't log in. How can I get help? 

Log into the Parent Portal and click on the Magnus link at the top. You’ll log into Magnus with the same username and password you use for the Parent Portal.


If you would like to change your Portal password, you can click “Can’t access your account” from the login page, or while logged in, click on your initials in the top right corner.

You can contact Magnus support at 877-461-6831 or if you are experiencing trouble:

  • logging in to your account
  • with Magnus system errors
  • uploading documents to your account
  • faxing documents for your account

If you are still having issues or finding the wait time for support from Magnus to be unacceptable, please contact Blake at

I am logged in but am having trouble using the system. Please contact Magnus Health if you have a problem when you are in the Magnus Health System. CLICK HERE for more information on contact Magnus support.

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