Change your microphone and speakers in Zoom with an Epson Projector

Goal: Connect your macOS laptop via a hardwire (white Thunderbolt cable) to your Epson Projector to the classroom projector and speakers and use your Phonum Bluetooth Speaker as a microphone.  Therefore, your students in the classroom can hear you in the classroom, and your remote students can listen to you via the microphone of your Phonum Bluetooth microphone and speaker.

I. Before Your Start Zoom

1. Ensure your projector is turned on, and connect your laptop via the White Thurderbolt Hardwire

  • Power On Your Projector,
  • Connect your laptop to the white Thunderbolt cable.
Desktop_Hub.png Thunderbolt.png

Note: After you plug in the Thunderbolt Display cable, some laptops will see the USB docking station and Thunderbolt Display cable as a “new network interface.” Please select the Cancel button


2. Connect Your Phonum Bluetooth Speaker via Bluetooth, which you can use as a microphone.


Note: If you have not connected your Phonum Bluetooth speaker, then please see how to Turn On and Pair Your Phonum Wireless (BT) Speaker for the First Time.


II. Setting Up the Audio Seetings in Zoom

1. Open the Zoom App.  

  • Start the Zoom Meeting.

2. Select Join with Computer Audio.  When joining a meeting for the first time, ensure that you click the green “Join with Computer Audio” button below to join your audio to the meeting.

  • Note: You can tick the box in the bottom left of the pop-up window to set Zoom to automatically join your audio each time you join a meeting in the future.)


3. Select the “^” to the right of “Join Audio” to change the Speaker Settings. 

  • Select the corresponding DisplayPort (EPSON PJ)



4. Select the “^” to the right of “Join Audio” to change the Microphone Settings.  
Select the corresponding Microphone (e.g., Phonum-###)


III. Setting Up the Video Seetings in Zoom

1. Select the “^” to the right of “Video” to change the Video Settings

  • Select FaceTime HD to use your laptop camera
  • Select Unite 200 to use your classroom camera
  • (Note: Other options may be the IPEVO document camera)

Note: You can always "Test" the Speaker and "Test" the MIcrophone, and preview the video before class starts.



Zoom Support: Changing settings in the desktop client or mobile app

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