Purpose of PK-12 Info Conference vs. Want-Ads Conference

PK-12 Info is a forum for posting important announcements related to our work at Blake. The announcements in this conference are “need to know” and benefit every employee in the Blake community. All employees are required to participate in this conference. One might find the following kinds of announcements here:

  • All Employee Meeting Reminders

  • HR Benefits & Policy Information

  • Professional Development Opportunities

  • Job Postings

  • Birth and Death notices for employees/community members

  • Technology Updates - e.g., phones are down, scheduled service interruption

The PK-12 Info conference provides essential information for all employees.

Want Ads is a forum for posting items for sale and seeking or giving recommendations within the Blake PK-12 faculty and staff community. It is an active conference for posting information that may be of interest to a few colleagues. Blake employees choose to participate in this conference. On the Wants Ads forum, one might find the following kinds of announcements:

  • Items for sale (e.g. bikes, cars, furniture, tickets)

  • “Freecycle,” items that one would like to give away to someone in the community

  • Items needed (e.g. moving boxes)

  • Homes, apartments, and other dwellings for rent or sale

  • Recommendation requests for services (e.g., babysitters, plumbers, yard service)

  • Giveaways (e.g. tickets to athletic events, theater)

  • Personal recommendations for non-Blake arts performances (e.g., music, theater, readings)

Although some members of the community “opt-out” of the Want Ads forum, a near majority are members and participation is active. It is a great place to seek advice and procure or sell items.



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