Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication. for a Managed Apple ID

When you log in to your Managed Apple ID for the first time, use the temporary password provided by ISS  administrator then you'll be prompted to set up a new password. 

1. Visit Manage Apple ID (

2. Enter Your Managed Apple ID and Temporary Password

  • (e.g.
  • Note that your managed Apple ID includes the in the email address. 



3. Enter Your personal cell phone number to provide Apple the ability to verify your identity



4. Create Your Own Personal Apple ID Password.

  • Enter Your Temporary Managed Apple ID Password that was Assigned to You
  • You must use a standard password that includes eight or more numbers and letters.
    (Note, ideally you will want to match it to your Blake Academic/Google Password to make it easy to remember.)
  • Enter Your New Personal Password and verify it, and select the "Change Password" button.



5. Your Managed Apple ID password is updated. Select the "Change Password" button.


6. Verify the information is correct and close the browser window.








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