Transfer iPhoto Library into Photos

Moving an iPhoto Library into Photos

iPhoto is now called Photos on your newly imaged laptop. Follow these directions before adding any new photos if you want to import your photos back to your laptop. Note, this is only recommended for photos that you need locally. All other photos should be backed up to Google Photos or deleted.

  1. Copy your iPhoto Library to your freshly reimaged laptop hard drive OR plug in your external drive that contains your iPhoto library.
  2. Open Photos and immediately hold down the Option key until you see the Library selection screen.  Choose one of the following options:

         a) If you see the iPhoto library in the list, simply select it and choose “Choose Library” to open it within the Photos app.

        b) Otherwise, select “Other Library” and navigate to the location of the iPhoto library you wish to import into the Photos app, then open it as usual.


    3.  Let the Photos app import the iPhoto library. Very large libraries or those stored on slower external volumes may take some time. Once imported, quit Photos. Reopen Photos to be sure all your photos are there.

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