Troubleshooting Hapara

Steps to Troubleshoot an issue in Hapara's Teacher Dashboard.

  1. Meet with the Teacher to determine the exact nature of the Hapara issue. Document the root cause by taking screenshots or making a screencast of the issue.

  2. Try to replicate the issue in Hapara using another web browser or on another computer.

  3. Check to see if Hapara is experiencing an Outage (

  4. Check to see if Google is experiencing an outage with Google Drive (

  5. Try to replicate the issue with another teacher accounts. Since there is no "Act As" feature in Hapara, you will need to work with another teacher to see if they can be replicated the behavior.

  6. If you can replicate the issue, please submit a case to Hapara Support on the teacher's behalf to determine the root cause of the issue.  (
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