Cisco Umbrella: Blocked site message

If you encounter a website that gives you a blocked message, there may be several causes.  Websites can be blocked due to content (put in a category that is blocked such as pornography) or can be due to security concerns ( If a site is a known source for Malware or Phishing). 

If you find a site that you need to visit for Blake business, and find it is blocked, please fill out the "Contact your network Manager" form with your name, email, and any information about the website you want to share. Some sites if blocked for valid security reasons, may remain blocked. An example of this would be if a site was flagged for containing Malware and the ISS department researches to find the site is infected.  (Images below for reference)

If you would like to read more about Websites that Umbrella has blocked for security, please visit this link





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