2023-24 Google Groups

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Google Groups is a service from Google that provides three distinct features: email lists, discussion boards, and collaborative inboxes.

  • Conferences: Members can send and receive.
    • Ex. PK-12 Info or Want-Ads
  • Mailing Lists: Anyone with @blakeschool.org
    can email the members of a mailing list.
    • Ex. transportation-dept@blakeschool.org
  • Collaborative Inbox: Email external to Blake can email the members of a collaborative inbox.

In 2023-24, ISS will manage the Google Groups listed in the Google Groups Infographic using employee campus/department/faculty-type classifications from Veracross.


Q: How come I still see sunsetted Google Groups in Gmail?

A: Google saves email addresses and Google Groups you have emailed in your personal Google Contacts app. Users must manually remove any Groups that are no longer in use (e.g., USNews) from their personal Contacts. ISS cannot automate this removal. Be sure to check the Other Contacts folder.

Ref: Deleting sunsetted groups from Google Contacts.

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 4.05.53 PM.png


Q: How can I receive a copy of an email I send to a Google Group?

A: When posting to a Google Group via Gmail, you will receive a copy of the message in your Sent folder. You will not receive a copy of the message in your inbox unless you cc: or bcc: yourself. Alternatively, as a member of a Google Group, you can also see the "Conversations" in the groups.google.com web interface.


Q: How do I make personal mail lists not managed by ISS Google Groups?

A: Users cannot make a Google Group but can make a personal mailing list in Contacts. 

Ref: Making a personal contact list


Q: How do I remove myself from a Google Group (e.g., Want Ads)?

A: Users belong to Google Groups based on their Veracross employee classifications. You cannot unsubscribe to the Groups, as you will be added again in the overnight sync. However, you can filter to a Gmail label (folder), mark it as read, and/or delete incoming emails (e.g., from wantads-conference@blakeschool.org).

Ref: Gmail filters organize your inbox

Create Gmail filter



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