Google Shared Drives

How files and folders appear in Google Drive:

  • My Drive is your primary space in Google Drive, containing files and folders you own and control access to. You can share access and permissions to your docs. Only the files and folders you share will be accessible to others.
  • Shared drives are special folders in Google Drive that you can store and collaborate on files within a department/unit/team. Unlike in My Drive, Shared Drives and their contents are owned by the department instead of individuals. If members leave, the files stay in the Shared Drive so your group can keep sharing content and information without interruption.
  • Shared with me contains Google Drive files and folders owned by other people or organizations that are shared with you specifically. You will only find files and folders shared specifically with you and any files shared with the Blake community or the public you have opened. Your access to these files can be rescinded at any time by the owner or other editors. If you want to organize these files in your My Drive, you cannot move them, but you can create a Shortcut to the file, which you can put wherever you like. Note: The shortcut will no longer work if you lose access to the original file. 



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