Overview of Backing Up Data on a Mac: Laptop, Photos, and Bookmarks

ISS recommends a full backup of a laptop's Home Directory before periodically to ensure you preserve your data. Begin by cleaning up, sorting and deleting old photos, music, movies, documents and other files first since it will greatly increase the performance of your laptop. Then, backup and archive. Once laptops are turned in, all files will be erased by ISS and are not recoverable.

Backup your files because the re-image will erase all the data. We’ve prepared three articles that will help you backup and archive your files:

  1. Backup Your Mac Laptop or Install Google Drive for desktop
  2. Backup your web browser bookmarks - Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
  3. Backup photos.
  4. Archive your music. The best way to archive iTunes music depends on variables such as iTunes store purchases, sharing, iPhone/iPod use, etc. Use the iTunes Help menu.
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