How to Configure Automatic Log Out on Macs

Auto Log Out

Using the automatic log out feature is a good way to bring an additional layer of security to a Mac. It works just as you expect - the active user account logs out after a predetermined amount of time has passed without activity. Once you log back in again all of your apps and documents should launch where you left off through the built-in Versions & Resume features of the Mac OS.

Users with admin rights can change the 40 minute default of Auto Log Out by following the directions below.

1. Go to the Apple menu, select System Preferences

2. Select Security & Privacy


3. Select the General tab. Click on the padlock and enter your admin password to unlock the window. Select Advanced.


4. Increase the inactivity log out time to a longer period OR uncheck the box to completely disable auto logout.


5. Click OK, close the window.  

Note: If you disable the Auto Log Out setting we highly recommend you keep Screen Lock enabled AND Auto LogIn Disabled (see screen shot two above, step 2. Leave checked!)

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