Fixing Sidebar Shortcuts in El Capitan


If you received a new laptop in the fall of 2016, you may have difficulty accessing Finder sidebar shortcuts. To fix non-functioning sidebar links, please follow these steps.


1. Go to your Desktop. In the top menu, click on Finder and select 'New Finder Window'.


2. In the new Finder window, mouse over the sidebar and control click (hold down the control key and click) or right click on the Desktop item in the sidebar. In the pop-up menu, click on 'Remove from Sidebar'. Repeat this for Documents, Downloads, Movies, Music, Pictures and student. You can leave Applications and AirDrop in the sidebar if you so choose. 




3. To restore the correct sidebar links, click on Finder in the top menu and then select Preferences. In the window that pops up, please check the box for each item that you would like to restore.



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