Mac OS X - Remove Preferred Wireless Networks

Most modern operating systems remember which wireless access points (APs) they have connected to in order to more quickly re-establish a wireless connection. This is useful in a home network as the computer quickly finds your wireless network and spends less time searching for available networks.

However, from time-to-time, the list of preferred networks gets jumbled.  Rather than listing the Blake Acad network first, you may find your computer tries to connect to the Blake Guest network instead, resulting in a wireless connection with very limited functionality for security reasons.  

As a result, it is useful to reorder or remove the saved/remembered/preferred networks from your computer, forcing it to establish a connection with the nearest router with the strongest signal strength.  At Blake, school-owned laptops and mobile devices should most likely be connecting to the Blake Acad network.  

The following steps will illustrate how to change the order of wireless networks.

  1. Click on the Apple icon in the top left-hand corner of the the screen in the Menu Bar.

  2. Select System Preferences 

  3. In System Preferences, click on the Network icon.

  4. In the Network preference pane, select "Airport" from the list on the left. 

  5. Click the button Turn Airport Off and then click the Advanced button 

  6. Under the Airport tab, there will be a list titled Preferred Networks listing the network name and security type. 
  7. Once you've selected the networks, press the Minus button below the list. Then click the OK button. 

  8. Click the Apply button and then click button Turn Airport On 

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