Download Attachments Directly to Google Drive from Gmail

Watch how to Download Attachments Directly to Google Drive from Gmail.  This video shows how simple it is to save an attachment directly from gmail into Google drive. (This is done without having to save to your computer first.):


Google Drive gives you a single place on the web to store and access your files from anywhere. Instead of trying to find your attachments in various emails, you can keep them all organized in Google Drive.

Move your mouse over the attachment thumbnail and use the buttons to quicklyDownload attachment icon Download.png Download or Save_to_Drive.png Save to Drive icon Save to Drive (depending on the type of attachment).


Note: In some cases you may not be able to download or save to Drive because different types of attachments have different available options. For example, YouTube videos added to the email as links can only be viewed or shared.


What happens to my file after I save to Drive?

After you click the Save to Drive icon Save to Drive button on the attachment thumbnail, the attachment is immediately saved to Google Drive and you’ll have the option to organize your file by adding it to a Google Drive folder. After saving, you can click Show in Drive icon Show in Drive to find your file in Google Drive.

You can always access the files you’ve saved to Google Drive by going to



Google Gmail Help Attachments: View, download, and save

Google Enterprise YouTube Video

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