Upload any type of file to Google Docs / Google Drive

Google Docs / Google Drive allows you to upload and store files in the cloud. Blake users are provided up to 5 GB of storage.  You can upload both files and folders, including an array of file types ranging from document types to image types to video formats.  Please watch the following YouTube video, Google Docs - Upload Any File:

In a nutshell

There are two ways to upload files to Google Docs:

  • Dragging files directly into your Documents List
  • Clicking the Upload button and selecting Files...

Once you upload a file, the settings you select will be applied to all files you upload. You can adjust these preferences in the Settings section of the Upload drop-down menu.

When you upload a file, a box that indicates the progress of the upload appears in the bottom right of your screen. You can minimize the box, move it to the left or right of the screen, or share directly from the box by clicking the Share link. When you’re done, you can click the document title to open the uploaded file or close the box by clicking the x in the upper right of the box.

Drag-and-Drop File Upload

You can drag-and-drop your files directly from your computer into your Documents List.

This feature is available only in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. If you aren’t working in the latest version of Chrome or Firefox, you can click the Upload button and select Files... from the drop-down menu.

Manual File Upload

To manually select files from your computer to upload to Google Docs, follow these steps:

  1. In your Documents List, click the Upload button and selectFiles... from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the file you'd like to upload to Google Docs. To select multiple files, press Shift or Ctrl and click all the files to upload.
  3. Your file will appear in your Documents List.

Here are some of the things you can do when you upload files or folders to Google Docs:

  • Access your files and folders from any computer, anywhere in the world by signing into Google Docs. The only requirement is that you have an Internet connection.
  • Share files and folders with friends, family members or colleagues, allowing them to view the files in the Google Docs Viewer.
  • Convert files to Google Docs format and collaboratively edit these files online.
  • Upload photos and videos to view or share.

Commonly asked questions about uploading files and folders to Google Docs:

  • Are uploaded files secure?


    Uploaded files have the same privacy and security as any of your other documents in Google Docs. Additionally, the default visibility setting for uploaded files is “Private.”

  • How big can an uploaded file or folder be?

    An uploaded file or folder can be up to 10GB. If you’d like to convert a file to Google Docs format, the size limit depends on the file type. Learn more about size limits in Google Docs.

  • Can I share and collaborate on a file I upload?

    You can share any uploaded file with another person. If you’ve converted that file to Google Docs format, you can also collaborate on that doc in real-time with other people.Google Cloud Connect is also an option if you'd like to collaborate on a Microsoft Office document.


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