Google Drive Sync - Downloading, Installing, & Using

Downloading, Installing, & Using Google Drive Sync


  1. Download the Google Drive application by going to

  2. Choose the device you will be downloading Google Drive on.

Take note of what folder you are downloading to (A), and what the download is called (B).



  1. Once Google Drive is downloaded to your device, you can run the installer by selecting the file from the folder you downloaded it to (A), or by clicking on the downloads bar on the bottom of the browser window (B).


  1. If you are on a Mac drag Drive into your Applications folder.

  1. Go to your Applications folder or LaunchPad and open Drive.

You will be brought to this screen

  1. Enter your full Blake School e-mail (

  2. Then enter your Blake School email password.

  3. Read the short tutorial and click next when you are ready until you get to the window pictured below. Here you will choose what files from your online My Drive will be downloaded to your local Google Drive folder.

If you choose to Sync everything it will take some time depending on how many files are currently in your online My Drive .


As you add and remove files from either your local or online Drive folders, the change will be synced and appear both online and in your local Drive folder.



If your Blake school account is disconnected or deleted, the files you have synced in your Google Drive folder will still be available.

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