Add a single-function home printer to a Mac

Adding a single-function home printer to your Blake issued MacBook has never been easier!

The first thing you'll want to do is to go to the "Print and Fax" preference pane. This can be accessed one of two ways:

First is to click on the "Print and Fax" icon located in the doc of your Blake issued MacBook.



Alternatively you can access this pane by first clicking on the Apple menu located in the upper left hand corner of your desktop. In the Apple menu click System Preferences. 


After clicking "System Preferences" you will be taken to the menu of the same name. Here you will find under the "Hardware" subheading the "Print and Fax" icon. Click on this icon to proceed.



When you arrive at this pane you'll want to ensure you device is powered on. You'll find inside the "Print and Fax" pane a window on the left side that contains the printers installed on your machine. 


If you now plug in the printer via usb you should see it populate itself among the printers already installed. When this occurs you are set to begin printing to that device.


Please view the following video for a complete walkthrough of the process:




Single-function means the device has but one function: printing. If your device scans, faxes, or copies this tutorial may not work. The reason being is that the drivers for these devices are more complex and may not be built into the OS as many of the single-function drivers are. If you have a multi-function device and would like it added onto your machine, please contact a member of the ISS department and have your driver disk that was provided with the device handy. Adding such a device is possible but is more involved than a single-function device.

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