Printing from Chrome Web Browser and/or Chromebook to FollowMe Printer

Printing is now available through Mobility Print on Chromebooks and through a web browser. Directions below are for Chrome and Chromebooks but you can choose the Print menu from any browser to print using a FollowMe Print queue. 

1. Open Chrome and click the Google Chrome Menu item

2. Select “Print” from the dropdown


3. Click “Change” or "Destination" to choose the FollowMe Print queue. 



4. Choose the FollowMe printer from the printer list. Select See more if you do not see "FollowMePrint"  The FollowMePrint queue will work on any campus. 



5. Click “Print” when you are ready to submit your job to the FollowMePrint queue



6. The first time you print you will see an authentication window pop-up. Select Sign in with Google if given the option. Otherwise, enter your gmail credentials.


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