Change Your Toner/Waste Toner Box

The MFPs report their toner level, and automatically order new cartridges before they run out. The new cartridge also includes a shipping label to mail back the old cartridge for recycling.

This video shows how to replace a toner cartridge:

This video shows how to replace the waste toner box:



  • Shake a new Toner Cartridge well, approximately 5 to 10 times, before installing it.

  • If a Toner Cartridge other than for black is empty, printing can be continued forcibly using black. Tap [Continue], and then select a desired print job.

  • Do not forcedly open or disassemble a Toner Cartridge (toner container).

  • Do not forcedly remove or dispose of toner that remains in a Toner Cartridge (toner container).

  • After replacing a Toner Cartridge, be sure to clean the Electrostatic Charger for each color. For details on how to clean the Electrostatic Charger, refer to Here.

  • Install a Toner Cartridge for each label color. If you try to forcibly install a Toner Cartridge in the incorrect position, it may result in a failure.

  • Do not throw a toner or Toner Cartridge into a fire. Doing so may cause hot toner to spray in all directions, which may cause burn injuries.

  • Be careful not to get the inside of the machine, your clothes, or hands dirty with toner.

  • If any toner does get on your hand, wash it off using water or neutral detergent.

  • If any toner gets into your eyes, immediately wash it out with water and consult your doctor.

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