Bypass Tray Printing and Configuration (Windows PC)

  1. Open document data using the application software. From the File menu, select Print.
  2. Check the Printer Name (or Select Printer) and make sure that FollowMePrint has been selected.
    • The Print dialog box varies depending on the application software.
    • A161PXE0041HB.png
  3. Specify the print range and the number of copies to print.
  4. Click Properties (or Preferences).
    • The print settings you have changed here are reset to the defaults when you exit the application software.
  5. Open the Basic tab.
  6. Under Paper Tray, select Bypass Tray
    • A161PXE0056HA_24.png
  7. Click OK, then Print.
  8. Printing is executed.


Based on Konica Minolta Support: Changing the Paper Size or Type and Printing Operation Flow


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