Associate Your School ID Badge with a Konica Minolta to Enable FollowMe (PaperCut)

1. Scan your badge in front of the copier device.
(If you received a new badge, please scan it.)



2. Select the “Yes” button to associate your badge with your account. 
(If you have a new badge, and using it for the first time, you will be prompted with a similar request.)




3. Enter your Blake Academic /Google Apps username and password, and click the "Set" button.  
Note: Carefully type your username and password since it is easy to fat-finger, and type your username or password inaccurately by striking two keys at the same time with one finger.


4. Once PaperCut confirms your card is associated, click on the “Ok” button. 


5. Swipe your card to access FollowMe (PaperCut) or the copier.



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