Accept a Course Invitation (Employees Only and Summer @Blake)

Students, teachers, and are automatically enrolled in courses. However, professional development courses require participants to accept invitations to join their courses. You must accept the course invitation to view the course. These steps also apply to employee invitations to join a course.

1. Receive an email invitation.  

You will receive the course invitation via email. The invitation will include the course name [1] and your user role in the course [2]. To accept the course invitation, click the Get Started button [3] or the Click here to get started link [4].




2. Accept Invitation. Welcome Aboard.

Confirm you are the same user associated with the email account.  Click the Yes button.



3. Enrolled in Course.

Canvas will confirm your invitation and will welcome you to the course.


Note: You will have to sign in to Canvas to accept the course invitation. If you don't have a Canvas account, please contact ISS. 


Credit: Canvas Guides - How do I accept an invitation to join a course as an observer?

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