Muting an Assignment: Preventing Realtime Feedback to Students (Employees Only)

By default, Canvas allows students to see grades as soon as the teacher as graded them. Therefore, you can mute, or temporarily hide a grade. (Students can still see and submit a muted assignment in the gradebook.)

 Some examples of why you might do so include:

  1. Determine when you want to provide feedback or a grade to all sections of a course.  

  2. To prevent students from being overly concerned about formative assessments.

Some practices to consider:

  1. Regularly unmuting grades at predictable intervals (e.g. 15th and 30th of the month)

 Note: Unmuting an assignment in the Gradebook will be sent to all sections of your course.  


Watch How to Mute an Assignment to Prevent Realtime Feedback to Students


Step-By-Step Instructions: How do I mute an assignment in the Gradebook?

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