Setting up a Form for the Public (non-Blake employees or students)


Important reminders/notes for ensuring public/parent/alumni access to your form:
  1. Be sure that you Uncheck "Require The Blake School login to view this form
  2. Be sure to Select "OK" to the prompt: "Do not require sign-in?" message.  
  3. Select the "View Live Form" button.
  4. When and as you grab (copy and paste) the live form's URL - this to create a link in an email or on a webpage - be sure to delete these specific characters prior to sharing/saving:
    "a/" from the URL
    (Blake's Google system is trying to be helpful and automatically assuming all users will be logged in or otherwise a member of the Blake Google family). 

  5. 4) To be sure your audience has a positive experience (can easily access the form) we highly recommend testing the URL sans "a/" in another browser that you are not signed into. (For example, if you use Google Chrome to build the Form, then try viewing the form in Apple's Safari or Microsoft's Internet Explorer.)
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