Scan to Google Drive from Copier / Multifunction Printers (MFP)

How Do I: Scan to Google Drive?

Historically the only way to scan from a PaperCut copier was through email.  That worked well enough for smaller documents, but larger scans could quickly hit the 25MB attachment limit and dealing with PDF attachments in your email is rarely a great experience.

Now, however, you can scan directly to your Google Drive!

Step 1 - Login to the Copier

Login to the copier with your CalArts Credentials (same thing as the Hub) and tap the Scan button.

Step 2 - Tap "Scan to Google Drive"

You will now see both Scan to My Email and Scan to Google Drive options.

Tap Scan to Google Drive.

Step 3 - Set Scan Settings

Set whatever scan settings you prefer, from the filename to the resolution.  

Tap Start scanning when everything looks good!

Step 4 - Scan Your Document

Scan your documents, either one by one on the glass or several at a time through the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) on the top of the copier.

Tap Send when you're done!

Step 5 - Check Your Email

If this is your first time using Scan to Google Drive there is one more thing you'll need to do: Authorize PaperCut to send files to your Google Drive account.

Look for this email:

Sender: Scans for PaperCut MF

Subject: Authorize Scans for PaperCut MF to save to your Google Drive

Click the Login to Google Drive button.

Step 6 - Sign in with Your Google Account

Whenever you are granting a new application access to your Google account you will be prompted to sign in (so Google knows it's not someone else!).


Step 7 - Grant PaperCut Access

This is where you can see exactly what you're granting PaperCut access to do (and to what part of your Google account).  PaperCut will only have full access to the files that it created, in this case the document that we're scanning.  

Anytime you see this window, pay special attention to make sure that an application has only the access it needs.  For instance, if this was asking for permission to your Google Mail, or Contacts, that would raise some red flags, and we may not want to allow that access.


Step 8 - You're Done!

After you allow PaperCut's access you'll be taken to a confirmation page that everything is all set.  

Shortly thereafter your file will show up in your Google Drive in a folder named Scans for PaperCut MF.

The default folder name is not something IT can change at this point.  If or when we are able to do that this guide will be updated accordingly.

Source: Christopher Cuttriss. "How Do I: Scan to Google Drive?", June 12, 2018 15:02 link
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