Fix folder or Google Doc Errors or Locate Missing Folders in Hapara

If you are unable to share files with your students, you can use following option to repair the students shared folders.

1. Open a Hapara, and select the class which contains the impacted student(s)

2. Click the Class Info tab


3. Click Reset class folders.


You will be notified that "Reset class folders underway."Reset_class_folders_underway.png

Reset class folders attempts locating and relinking the correct student's folders.

4. Please wait up to five minutes before refreshing your web browser and attempting to share via Hapara.  

5. If folders are still missing or do not seem correct, please submit a support request, and we will contact Hapara Support on your behalf. 



Occasionally, teachers may encounter an error with a folder or student doc in Hapara Dashboard, or a folder may seem missing from Google Drive.

In the first instance, we recommend clicking the Reset class folders link from Class Info and waiting up to 5 minutes before refreshing any screens.

This Reset class folders process should also rename folders to the originally configured name if the student or another user with Write access has renamed any folder.

Reference: Fix Folder or Locate Missing Foldes in Hapara

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