Canvas Images - Accessibility Modifications

For students using reading assistive tools for web pages, Canvas course pages that contain images can be modified to not read the file name.

Canvas Images - Accessibility Modifications - Watch Video

  1. On a Canvas page, select the Edit button.
  2. Highlight an image and select Image Options.
  3. You can either, 
    • Update image file name to Alt Text (e.g., DaysoftheweekMonday.jpg -> Monday) and select Done.
    • Select Decorative Image if you would like the text reader to skip the image/image name and select Done.
  4. When finished editing the page images, select Save.


Note: Ensure students don't use AT to acquire quiz answers. If you are using images in a quiz multiple-choice/matching question, you may want to rename the image to NOT be the image name. (e.g., Which image represents the olfactory organ? nose.jpg --> Image A)

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