Recharging the Dalite Countour Screen in the PCR (Every 3 Months)


Requirement: Every 3 Months the Dalite Wireless Projector Screen in the PCR will need to be recharged to ensure continuous operation.


How To

Bring in an extension cord to plug into the closest outlet and let it charge overnight using the Micro-USB Port using a 5V charger (use included micro-USB to USB-A cable and wall adaptor or most phone chargers are 5V).



Charging Instructions:

The motor has a 12V built in lithium-ion battery pack with integrated charge management.
Max power input for recharging: 5V 2A.
Before first use, charge motor for 6 hours using 5V charger (use included micro-USB to USB-A cable and wall adaptor or most phone chargers are 5V) .
With a full charge the screen can operate for approximately 200 up/down cycles (based on largest standard size of 113"diagonal) or 3 months of use.

  • NOTE: If the screen receives little or no use for an extended period of time the battery should be changed every 3-4 months.
  • NOTE: The total capacity of the lithium-ion battery can decrease over time depending on frequency of use and charging habits.

Screen Motor P1 Button Instructions

The P1 button is also the charging indicator light.

1. Cycle Operation: Press P1 button once and every press the motor will run upward > stop > downward, cycle in turn.

2. Pairing or Pair/unpair Additional Transmitters: Press P1 button for 2S, motor will jog once, release button and you will hear a long noise, motor is ready for pairing or pair/ unpair additional transmitter.

3. Radio Lock: Press and hold P1 button for 6S, the motor will jog twice, release button and beep twice, the motor enters radio lock status, the motor won't receive any signal; press P1 button once to disable Radio Lock.

NOTE: Do not press the P1 button longer than 6S. Pressing the button for 10S reverses the motor direction, which could result in screen damage.




14574C, 60" x 96" Tensioned Designer Contour Electrol HD1.1 w/ Agility Battery Motor (Black Case)

Attachments: Overview, How to Recharge, and Installation Manual

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