Get started with the Loom Google Chrome Extension

Recording a video has never been so simple! 🎬

It's time for your first video recording! We put together this quick video to help you get started with Loom on day 1. 

How to start recording

    1. You can start recording by clicking on the Loom Chrome extension as shown below. 

    2. Pay special attention to the Recording Settings that will appear, here you can decide what to capture in your recording:

      •  Screen and Camera: Records your screen and camera
      •  Screen Only: Records just your screen with no camera 
      •  Camera Only: Records only your camera

    3. For the options Screen and Camera and Screen Only, you will also have the option to decide whether if you want a Full Desktop or Current Tab recording.

      You will also see an audio indicator that tells you if your microphone is enabled and capturing audio before you start recording. This helps you ensure recordings with sound. 
    4. Advanced options are provided where you can customize your microphone & camera inputs, and whether you'd like to show/hide your camera controls.
    5. Once you're satisfied with your Recording Settings, go ahead and click Start Recording.

Reference: Loom Help Center - How to get started with the Loom Chrome extension

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