Google Apps Transition outline for users with conflicting accounts:

Conflicting Accounts

Conflicting accounts
If you've used other Google products outside of the ones you can access with your Google Apps account, such as Blogger, Picasa, Reader, or AdWords, you may have created what's known as a conflicting account. Though only conflicting accounts affect a small percentage of Google Apps accounts, it's possible that you may be in this scenario. A conflicting account is an account hosted on the Google Account infrastructure, created with the same email address as your Google Apps account. For example, John Gulla may have signed up with blogger 5 years ago using, and as a result he has a conflicting account.

When the Google Apps account transitions into the Google Account infrastructure, only one instance of the account name can appear in the Google Account database. To resolve this conflict in account names, the data in the personal Google Account will need to be re-associated with a different account name. The next time you sign in to your conflicting account, you will be asked to change the name you use to sign in, in order to continue accessing the data in your conflicting account. The data in your conflicting account will not be automatically merged with the data in your Google Apps account.

Two separate accounts with the same email address


For instance, your Google Apps email address is A while back, you may have signed up for Blogger with this email address, which created a personal Google Account. Since we've moved your Google Apps account to the Google Account infrastructure, your the data in your personal Google Account will need to be re-associated with a new name because there can't be two accounts with the same name. The first time you sign in to your conflicting account of to access Blogger, you will be prompted to re-associate your data to a different account name. Once you do so, you'll need to use the new account name to sign in to Blogger and access your Blogger data


How do I resolve this conflicting account?

If you've already created the user's Google Account, the next time that user signs in to a consumer product, they'll be asked to change their account. For example, if has a conflicting account with your organization, Jane would see these options when she signs into a consumer product:

  • Change to an account with a Gmail address ( or another available Gmail name).
  • Change to an account with a different email address (uses her address).
  • Sign in with a temporary username Google provides (
All conflicting accounts must be resolved. If a user chooses the last option, the user's account is automatically renamed to the temporary name that Google provides. The user is also prompted with these same options at sign-in time, until deciding on and selecting a permanent solution.
How do I move my data and information over from the account I created to my account?

1. Log into the newly created account.
2. In your google docs, you would need to go into each doc and select the share option and share it (assigning ownershiop if you wish) on each document to your account.





3. Now that you have selected Share & save button, you can give your @blakeschool account ownership by selecting the “Share” button again
and then giving your @blakeschool account ownership of the item.
4. Once this is completed for your documents, you will be able to log into and you will see all of your documents.
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