Key Operator Information for the Konica Minolta MFPs

I. Key Operators

Key Operators are the local experts who are trained on how to operate multi-functional printers (MFPs). They order paper, staples, toner waste boxes, clear paper jams, and perform other minor troubleshooting. They contact Loffler for Service or Supplies on an HP LaserJet Printer or Konica MFP Copier.

Key Operators are the ISS/IS teams and select campus office employees:

  • Lower School ELC: Monica Ashton, Lori Holt*
  • Lower School UE: Brenda Anderson, Lori Holt*
  • Middle School: Eva Druskin*
  • Upper School: Margaret Coley*, Cathy Lynch
  • EPIC: Megan Duncan*, Christine Farrell*, Elaine Fries, Kristi King*, Tracy Patil*, Joni Starr*, Kelly Wilder
    * Orders waste toner boxes and staples for each campus/EPIC department.

Fa23 ISS/IS Departments by jmehra


II. Key Operator Duties

Toner Cartridges


  • The MFPs will not auto-replenish staples. Staples must be ordered from the Loffler Customer Portal and it is recommended to have a backup always on hand. One box contains three cartridges of 5,000 staples each.
  • Departments/Divisions are responsible for budgeting consumables such as staples and paper. The Business office recommends creating a PO in Veracross using your 5200 general supplies account and the corresponding cost center. Be sure to reference your Veracross PO number on your Loffler order.  

Toner Waste Box

  • The MFPs will not auto-replenish the toner waste box, so this must be ordered manually to have a backup always on hand.
  • Toner and Waste Toner Boxes are included in our service contract at no charge. Be sure to place orders on the Loffler Customer Portal by first looking up your printer's Equipment ID# to tie it to our service contract, then order the part. (You will incur a charge if you order the part without tying it to your equipment in our service contract.)
  • On average, one toner box must be replaced after every ten cartridges.
  • The MFP does not give a warning before the toner box is full. The MFP cannot be used until it has been replaced.
  • It is recommended to bag the waste toner box and place it in the garbage.

Recycling Toner Cartridges

  • Office Managers: Register for the Konica Minolta "Create your own Clean Planet Box" at
  • The Box Program is ideal for customers utilizing between 4 and 200 cartridges monthly. Each order includes three individual recycling boxes designed to hold 10 to 15 items (when placed into the recycling box without the original packaging). The boxes come complete with pre-affixed return UPS labels. When a box is full, simply secure the liner with the included zip ties, tape the lid, and schedule a pick-up.

Clearing Jams

  • Remember: “Green is good.” Only touch green parts when opening the machine. Touching other machine parts may result in a burn.

Contacting Support

  • As a Key Operator, you can contact Loffler Service to repair or service a copier when you cannot resolve a paper jam or service-related issue. You can email and
    cc: so we are aware of the issue.
  • If you or a colleague or student encounter an issue with FollowMePrint release or other printing-related issues, please submit a support ticket.

III. Parts



TN-328C Toner Cyan

TN-328M Toner Magenta

TN-328Y Toner Yellow

TN-328K Toner Black

TN-626C Toner Cyan

TN-626M Toner Magenta

TN-626Y Toner Yellow

TN-626K Toner Black

SK-602 Staples

WX-107 Waste Toner Box


IV. Key Operator Videos



Changing Toner

Changing Toner

Changing Waste Toner Box

Changing Waste Toner Box

Changing FS-533 Staples (Internal Finisher)


Changing FS-536 Corner Staples

Changing FS-539 Corner Staples

Changing FS-536 Booklet Staples

Changing FS-539 Booklet Staples

  Clearing Paper Jams

Clearing Paper Jams

iTraining – All Videos

iTraining – All Videos

Other videos and guides can also be found at

Note: See the ThingLink self-paced user training to learn about features, PaperCut print releasing, copying, and scanning. See Advanced Printer Training for streamlining FollowMePrint.


VI. List of Devices by Campus

All MFPs print in both color and B&W.

All MFPs have stapling capabilities.

All Faculty Room MFPs have internal three-hole punch

  • Lower School ELC Work Room (Floor 3)
  • Lower School UE Faculty Room (Floor 2)
  • Middle School Faculty Room (Floor 2)
  • Upper School Faculty Room (Floor 1)

Each building has an MFPwith booklet capabilities

  • Lower School ELC Workshop (Floor 1)
  • Lower School UE/Middle School Mailroom MS M308 (Floor 3)
  • Upper School Office (Floor 1)

Ref:  Konica Minolta Location and Functionality

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